Tuesday, November 11, 2008


1. Green Gable knitting pattern by Zephyr Style
2. Pistachio Green Owl and Pussycat- Originlal Art Print by Sugarloop
3. KPPPM Yarn- Available from South Seas Knitting
4. Handbound Notebook-Green Leaves by Paper Lion
5. Christmas Stars- crochet Christmas decorations by Kylie B
6. Knitting Needle Bracelet by Liana Kabel
7. Organic Leaf Brass Necklace by Secret Jewellz
8.Unraveling- Original Giclee art print by Mizu Designs
9. Waiting by Pietari Post-100% linen tea towel- Available from Third Draw Down
10. Pebbles Fabric by Park Slope- Available from Duck Cloth

And finally..how georgeous are these gift tags!
Berry Jam for Tea Gift Tags by Mulberry Muse

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